Pow.bio provides intelligent fermentation services for industrial and synthetic biology, helping turn great ideas into profitable products. Pow combines continuous fermentation with advanced control methodology to quickly optimize fermentation processes and deliver high yields at low costs. We provide small-scale tank space for bacteria, yeast, and filamentous fungus programs and just opened our own food-grade production space to serve clients innovating in the future of food. Pow is a small team founded by a Berkeley PhD graduate and two industry veterans. We are based in West Berkeley.

Job Description – bioprocess intern

Pow is searching for a part-time intern to help us push the boundaries of industrial fermentation. The ideal candidate will have some hands-on experience in microbiology, molecular biology, biochemistry, or bioprocessing. You will be running microbial fermentation in bioreactors, evaluating data, and helping us develop our continuous optimization pipeline.

You'll be working with a small and growing team of people passionate about synthetic biology and fermentation. This will not be a big company internship. You won't be washing glassware (not all the time) nor running the same reaction over and over again. You'll be a member of a research team that has fun while trying to meet aggressive timelines.

Required skills

* Working towards a BS or BA in bioengineering, chemical engineering, molecular biology, microbiology, chemical biology or similar.

* Hands-on laboratory experience in an academic or industrial environment.

* Ability to work in a small team, fast pace, with all the excitement and uncertainty that can accompany a startup experience.

* Knowledge of microbiology, synthetic biology.

* Knowledge of fermentation processes, including upstream and downstream.

* Detailed record keeping and practice with data analysis and presentation.

Desired skills

* Statistics and programming experience (python, javascript, JMP).

* IoT skills (raspberry pi, Arduino, node-red, MQTT, OPC-UA, AWS)

The internship will begin either in early or mid-January 2022 with the possibility to extend into summer 2022. This is a paid internship.